Corporate-Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

Our social commitment


In a highly unpredictable business world where trust is hard to come by, businesses need to understand their commitment to society better than they ever needed to. At Rave Technologies, social well-being has always been an integral part of our organisational planning process and we have always believed that the development of society is the only way to build a business that is sustainable in the long run as well as in creating a trustworthy reputation in the minds of customers and stakeholders.

Our commitment to social causes has been unbiased and each year we choose a social issue as a theme, which sets the tone for the social causes we support throughout the year.

In most part, our employees are the largest benefactors for all the social associations or events we work with and their contributions both in terms of time and money have always been commendable. Rave Technologies actively contributes to emergency relief aid during natural disasters and our employees have always come to the fore to help those affected by these sudden events.

We have always had a commitment to the betterment of the environment and have dedicated workplace policies which reduce energy consumption and emissions. With offices in multiple countries across the globe, we encourage video conferencing between global projects and avoid domestic or international travel as much as possible thereby reducing the carbon footprint we generate as an organisation.