1 August 2017

Automating Membership Enrollment and Renewal Process by Integrating Membership Management System

About the Client
Headquartered in Washington, DC, the client is the largest scientific society in the world based on the number of members and a thought
leader in the field of chemistry. A nonprofit organisation, the client is one of the chief sources of knowledge in chemistry, disseminating information through over 51 peer reviewed journals, trade magazines, and books. The client also holds conferences on chemistry and has its own chemical database aggregator that curates content from chemistry databases across the globe.

As the largest scientific society in the world, the client would need to spend a considerable amount of time in managing memberships and
ensuring that members were getting access to appropriate content and resources based on their varying levels of membership. Keeping their
growing number of members in mind, the client wanted to streamline their membership management processes and leverage technology to engage members and improve the overall user experience.

To know more, download Membership Management System case study.