Why join us


Rave Technologies has always been very welcoming when it comes to embracing different cultures. We look at it as an opportunity to learn something new from each other and use it in our daily lives to make it more interesting. This unity among diversity not only helps us in our professional life but also in the overall development of our personality.If you think that you have it in you to accept this roller coaster ride of various cultures, then Rave Technologies is the place to be in.

Career Path

At Rave Technologies, every employee is given an opportunity to discover their career goals. We invest in various training to make the employee professionally competitive. A career progression path ensures that people at Rave Technologies are assured of where they are headed and aware of the focus and goals.

Training and Development

As a new member of our team, you will spend the first week in a New Joiner Orientation, which gives you an insight into the working of our organization, the structure, your role, and the tools you can use to deliver projects effectively. The New Joiner Orientation also gives you the opportunity to meet colleagues from all levels and get acquainted with our global network of talented professionals.

Work Life Balance

At Rave Technologies, it’s our constant endeavour to craft and maintain an energetic environment at our workplace. We focus on providing an exceptional work ambience which is a perfect blend of a relaxed and goal oriented atmosphere. Our vibrant culture is adaptable to the ever evolving workforce.