11 July 2017

Delivering a Scalable and Responsive Video Management System for a Large UK based Not for Profit Publishing Organisation

About the Client
Headquartered in London, the client is the largest multidisciplinary professional engineering institution in the world. A knowledge-based
organisation, the client owns one of the world’s largest collections of multidisciplinary engineering and technology content with over 6500+
videos, an engineering database with over 15 million research abstracts along with multiple engineering journals and books.

The nature of content consumption in the STM space is rapidly evolving and the need to engage audiences has become as important as content quality. Keeping this shift in mind, the client was looking to leverage its vast repository of video content to increase audience engagement. The client wanted to build a scalable and responsive video management system, with varying subscription levels that allowed them to leverage
the value of their video content.

To know more, download Video Management System case study.