We have more than a decade of experience of in functional and non-functional testing including technical testing

Companies are experiencing increasing pressure to operate within limited budgets and yet provide software quality products that help them achieve lesser time to market, greater efficiency of operation and reduce risks. They are increasingly looking at Outsourcing Software Testing services to meet these goals.

However, CIOs are faced with the tough task of deciding whom to outsource to.

Our software testing services can help you to test better, faster and at a lesser cost. Rave Technologies leverages its extensive leadership and experience over 25 years with a team of over 100 testers trained in manual, automated, functional and non-functional testing, to meet the challenge of even the most demanding requirements.

We help our customers to improve quality levels and provide a better return on investment along with fabulous customer service levels. Our services are offered as a seamless extension to your in-house IT and business testing capabilities. We work closely with you to tailor a program of support which meets your needs and ensures your systems achieve the quality levels demanded by the software.

We have 150+ testing experts who have experience in various testing services.

Here is what we can offer you

Test Automation

Rave offers test automation solutions using open source or commercial tools with the help of a certified & dedicated group of resources. The test team has experience in executing projects using Mercury, Rational, Test Complete, OpenSTA, Selenium and various other test tools. This expertise is captured in an automation testing framework to provide enhanced testing productivity.

Performance Testing

We consider performance as an area of speciality on its own. We validate and check the performance of the software applications under pre-defined conditions such as across locations or by a number of concurrent users or transactions. We use our expertise in developing and implementing large, complex systems to design and execute performance testing and capacity simulations.

Multilingual Testing

Many enterprise software companies serve international markets, requiring their products to function correctly in many languages. Detecting software problems in internationalised software is a significant challenge. Multilingual testing must ensure that the code is capable of handling various languages without data loss or display problems. Rave’s experience in multilingual testing offers our clients the assurance that they can deploy their software successfully on a global platform.

Accessibility Testing

Software companies witness increasing requirement from the government, education and business sectors to provide software products that fulfil various accessibility norms providing access to all citizens including people with disabilities. Accessibility testing services by Rave Technologies provides much more than the standard point-by-point testing techniques. Our unique blend of manual and automated analysis of accessibility testing is efficient to detect accessibility ‘hot-spots’ in the product.

Cross-browser Testing

Cross browser testing validates the compatibility of a website across different browsers, operating systems and screen resolutions. We understand this requirement & generate browser-OS-resolution combinations that are in mainstream use. Rave Technologies has a method that focuses on a variety of browser compatibility issues like lack of support to certain features/components, positioning issues, browser engine restrictions & support to different platforms, etc.

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