How we can help

How we can help

Enabling Publishers to do more with their content

Content SourcingWe understand the publishing domain thoroughly and we know what publishing companies need in order to harness the power of technology in the publishing space. Our experience of working with globally renowned publishing houses puts us in a unique position to partner with publishing businesses in building technology based solutions that enable them to do more or do better.

Some of the solutions we have implemented for our customers in the past include:

  • Online Content Delivery Platforms

The basis for the success of a digital publishing business is its ability to get quality content seamlessly delivered to users. Our ability to develop highly scalable and flexible content delivery platforms helps publishers reach out to their audience with the right kind of content that is easily accessible and readily available.

  • Digital Asset Management

Publishing businesses generate a lot of rich content and digital media, which needs to be made available to users from all over the globe. With varying business models and access permissions, storing and managing digital assets becomes critical. Our capabilities in digital asset management enable publishers to efficiently manage their knowledge assets.

  • Publishing Workflow Solutions

Our expertise in the publishing domain puts us in a unique position to conceptualise and deliver workflow solutions that maximise the return from the content publishers develop. From developing flowcharts and identifying action owners to building custom templates and quality checking systems, we develop workflow solutions that are tailor made to suit the publishing industry’s requirements.

  • Subscription Management

Whether it is configuring subscription management solutions or developing one from the ground up, our expertise helps companies setup and add subscribers / members to their content delivery platforms, optimise subscription lifecycle events, improve member management and engagement, improve content delivery to subscribers, and increase return on investment.