Usability Engineering

Bringing software products closer to their users
As the ‘Uberification’ of the economy brings technology into every aspect of human life, the avenues for human computer interaction have expanded exponentially. Innovative businesses based on technology are changing how people’s lives function. And in a world where technology solutions can do almost anything, customer expectations are already touching the moon.

As opportunities increase so does the competition, and with the limited span of attention that today’s customers have, this calls for a major differentiator for businesses that are determined to succeed.  While it is absolutely crucial that products keep pace with customer expectations from a functional and technology perspective, the biggest competitive advantage comes only to those who lay an equal if not greater emphasis on the usability.

As businesses work hard to ensure that their products undergo multiple releases and updates to remain functionally relevant, they need an expert partner who understands how their users interact with products and helps them bundle these functionalities into seamless user journeys that keep bringing customers back to their product instead of the competition’s.

At Rave Technologies, a user driven approach to usability has helped us build a portfolio of offerings that enables end users to easily interact with product interfaces every single time.