How we can help

Delivering efficient human computer interaction and immersive user experiences
Simply put, reducing the effort from a user’s point of view when it comes to interacting with product interfaces has always been the focus of usability at Rave Technologies. Our team of usability experts understands the intricate relationship between usability and user experience, which helps us conceptualise and deliver usability solutions to our clients based on their unique needs.

Some of the areas where our usability solutions can help are:


  • Planning business strategy

Every product and every interface has its own unique usability requirements and at Rave Technologies we help customers integrate their product vision into user experience and usability. We conduct usability audits and help businesses identify the value of usability improvements. We conduct thorough research to help businesses increase usability efficiency, effectiveness, and user experience satisfaction.

  • Assess your current usability parameters and plan the future roadmap

From business stakeholder and user interviews to understand usability objectives, to heuristic evaluation and application assessment, we help businesses identify where they are and where they need to get to in terms of usability.

  • Exploring best fit usability solutions

Our usability experts help customers identify the best fit usability services that meet their need. Requirement gathering, user interviews, card sorting, persona creation, user studies, usability testing, and user scenarios, whether it is a single service or a combination of the above, we can help structure the most engaging user experience for your products.

  • Planning design strategy

An immersive user experience is where the design guides users without even making its presence felt throughout the user’s journey. Our design strategy is based on lucid material design concepts which begin on the sketch board, progressing to wireframes, and design prototypes that go hand in hand with our customers’ usability requirements.

  • Value Innovation

What is good must keep getting better is the philosophy at Rave Technologies. We add value to our customer’s businesses by enabling them to integrate design thinking in their product model and helping them to work with end users and business stakeholders in improving user experience and usability.