Our capabilities

From understanding user behavior to usability testing for user experience journeys, we are your technology partners!

At Rave Technologies, our user experience philosophy is rooted in simplicity. Users invariably prefer technology interfaces that make their lives simpler, so why should a user experience complicate things in that case? Our experience in understanding the unique needs of users and keeping these needs central while developing interfaces enables us to propel our customers ahead in the race. From conceptualising user experience journeys to delivering iterative design that is seamless and helps users do more in lesser time, our capabilities in usability leave no area unchecked.

For us, usability is about building a cohesive flow of elements that integrate seamlessly to enable a user to easily interact with a product’s interface through highly immersive user journeys.

Our key capabilities in the field of usability include:

  • Research

Establishing a user experience vision 

Usability analysis 

Competitive Analysis        

Content Audit  

  • Strategy

User experience strategy
Persona development

Developing user flows 

Requirement gathering and analysis

  • Implementation

Responsive design

Story boarding

Implementation architecture

Visual design


  • Deployment

Beta testing

User interviews

Usability testing

  • Optimisation 

Iterative design

Iterative code

Metric review