Rave Technologies has always welcomed and embraced different cultures. We look at it as an opportunity to learn something new from each other and use it in our daily lives to make it more interesting and fruitful. This unity among diversity not only helps us in our professional life but also in the overall development of our personality.

If you think you have it in you to accept this rollercoaster ride of various cultures, then hop on and join Rave Technologies.

Career Path

At Rave Technologies, every team member is given an opportunity to discover their career goals. We invest in various training to make our people professionally competitive.

We ensure that managers help to define a career progression path for their team members, which is aligned with the company’s vision and the team’s ambition. This assures that both the company and our people are headed towards one main goal.

At Rave Technologies, growth is a well-defined path which includes:

  • Appropriate career training and growth road-map for every team member
  • A mechanism that identifies people with high-growth potential and puts them on an accelerated growth plan
  • Identification of successors across streams

Training and Development


As a new member of our team, you will spend the first week in our New Joiner Orientation program, which gives you an insight into the working of our organisation, the structure, your role, and the tools you can use to deliver your work effectively. The program also gives you the opportunity to meet colleagues from all levels and get acquainted with our global network of talented professionals.


If you have less than 6 months of experience, you receive intensive training in core technologies to gear you up with your project requirements. The duration of training could vary from one to three months, depending on your skill and experience level.

Honing your skills

At Rave Technologies, you can upskill by being part of a host of training programs on technology, behavioural, domain and language skills. We have a practice of sharing our knowledge and every month we encourage our people to use the ‘Knowledge Sharing’ platform to talk about new skills and expertise acquired working on specific projects. This not only helps to share knowledge but ensures that all of us are always in a learning mode to grasp new things happening around us.

Work-Life Balance

It is our constant endeavour to cultivate and maintain an energetic environment at our workplace. We focus on providing an exceptional work ambience which is a perfect blend of a relaxed and goal oriented atmosphere. Our vibrant culture is adaptable to the ever-evolving workforce.

We are a people-first company, so it is imperative for us to ensure that we provide a work-life balance that leads to a healthy professional and personal life. Some of the facilities we provide are

  • flexible timings,
  • work from home,
  • lively work ambience that encourages initiative and innovation,
  • transport facility,
  • sports and leisure activities, and
  • Special Interest Groups to pursue hobbies at work.

Having a work culture that is friendly, open and motivating, where hierarchies matter little, enables true teamwork. It also opens the path to creativity and innovation to thrive and get noticed.

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